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Today TTPM is reviewing PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset (Romeo’s Lab Vehicle & Figure Toys) from Just Play. PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset is full of fun gadgets, an operational giant claw and lights, and sounds. Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
PJ Masks Romeo’s Lab Playset, from Just Play, is great for kids ages 3+. Some adult assembly is required. Everyone loves a hero, but for me, my favorite is always the over-the-top, hilarious yet tragic, villain. In the world of PJ Masks, that guy is Romeo. This mad scientist drives a mobile lab and he’s sharing all the fun details with you. The lab playset includes Romeo and Robot figures, weapons, lasers, monitors and a driveable lab charger. Place Romeo in his spinning seat where he can move the lab, direct the satellite or work the giant claw, which is completely operational.
The lab opens to reveal all of his high tech gadgets and screens. Press the control center for a fun collection of lights and sounds. This does require 3 button-cell batteries, which are included. Both figures are poseable and Romeo’s hands easily hold his weapons, including the dreaded Squashatron and Sniff-o-whiff. If that doesn’t take care of the PJ Masks, maybe the operational laser shooter will. It’s exciting to see the PJ Masks show grow in popularity, and with that comes awesome toys. This is exactly the kind of toy I would have loved as a kid, and I’m sure all PJ Masks fans will love it too, whether or not they are a little evil genius.

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